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We like to address ourselves as a media platform determined to spread awareness and add value to your crypto takes. Disrupted is an information-only platform that brings forth news faster than light and becomes the bedrock of all your crypto-related decisions. 

By now, it has been established that crypto tokens and digital assets have a significant contribution to the evolution of global financial dynamics. Information and education are the roots of global financial investment with which the community makes informed decisions. This information reaches a million through news, data interpretation, and events. 

Our Global Footprint

Disrupted is now driven to focus on the technological footprint in terms of a global footprint. We aim to be the most authentic yet the most significant source of information in the world. The upcoming decade is crucial for us but will prove fruitful when we witness the transition of the global financial system through decentralised protocols, smart contracts, and a boom in digital assets. We are an information-ready yet information-sensitive platform, ensuring the most accurate data reaches our audience and viewers without bias or divulgence. 

Our Policies

  1. We are purely an “information only” platform.

  2. We do not provide any investment recommendations.

  3. Disrupted does not accept any third-party posts.

  4. Our dedicated team does not indulge in the sale or coverage of any articles. 

  5. Disrupted maintains the highest form of ethical journalism standards. We refrain from being in partnership with anyone trying to influence the editorial or content team. 

  6. Disrupted does not divulge in advertising or sponsorships for arms and ammunition, crypto gambling, or adult content. 

  7. We do not promote any token from an investment point of view on our social media page or banners. 

  8. Disrupted requires a minimum commitment of “____” for banner campaigns. 

Digital Display

Disrupted offers high-impact digital displays from homepage takeovers to site takeovers. We also provide a device-based high-impact display that enables premium visibility to the brands amongst other high-performing properties. High-impact digital display allows brands to narrate a story and encourage high user engagement while getting their message through. 

Video Pre-roll

Disrupted allows video pre-rolls, which are promotional videos played before the selected video by the user. These are usually non-skippable small videos that run for a couple of seconds. We offer video pre-rolls across our website to captivate users and increase engagement. 

Native Ads

Disrupted understands the importance of marketing and advertising. Hence, we offer to run native ads on our platform embedded within the site’s content. These ads seamlessly fit into the feel, look, and functionality of the forum they appear on. Native ads are mostly recommended ads that direct the user to your website, thus increasing your customer base and user engagement.

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