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The information provided by “Disrupted” is solely for information purpose and not for trading purposes. It should not be considered as any sort of investment advice. Service Recipients shall have the sole discretion to accept or reject the information of Disrupted. Execution of any trades by Service Recipient shall be at the sole discretion of Service Recipient and Disrupted is not responsible for any losses incurred.

Disrupted strives to ensure that all the information provided on the pages hosted by Disrupted.in is up to date. We cannot, however, accept responsibility for the content of external websites linked to through Disrupted.in. Third-party content is accessed at the user’s own risk. Disrupted.in cannot accept responsibility for any loss or inconvenience caused by reliance on any material contained on this site. Disrupted.in is not a financial reference resource and the opinions of authors and other contributors are their own and should not be taken as financial advice. If you require advice of this sort, Disrupted strongly recommends contacting a qualified industry professional. All the resources on this site are for information purposes only. None of it should be interpreted as an investment advice. By using Disrupted.in, you agree and consent to the policies.

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