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One of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, Coinstore, held “2024 Coinstore Premiere Brand Conference ” in Dubai on April 17. Established in 2020, within the span of three years, Coinstore has served over 700 project teams and covered over 7 millions users. After continuously evolving and expanding, Coinstore has established a strong presence in emerging markets, with Indonesia, India, and Nigeria at its core.

The conference was co-hosted by ICP,Infinity Ventures,and BTC Security Labs. Partnered with famous institutions including, Sei Foundation, Conflux, ALGORAND,DAO Maker, Metis,Oobit,Taisu Venture,BEVM,Cardano Foundation, Telos, W3GG, XDC Network,ABCDE Capital , Ampverse, Circle, Kaisar, DFG, Jsquare, and Sandbox, Coinstore discussed the recent development and opportunities of crypto industry.

To commemorate this huge conference, over 100 global top media broadcasted the meeting. At the same time, Coinstore live streamed the conference on its own channels, CS Live and Youtube to provide audiences around the world with access to the latest information.

Big announcements, a new milestone for Coinstore

During the grand brand conference,Coinstore made two important announcements.Over 500 crypto entrepreneurs, investors, experts, and famous KOLs presented in the conference to witness this meaningful moment.

Manfred Chew,associate director of Coinstore announced the launch of IEO 2.0 product.Relying on the extensive operational experience of Coinstore’s collaborative teams, Coinstore IEO facilitates internal traffic routing, connects with the community, and leverages promotions to support projects in addressing their weaknesses for positive development.By introducing IEO 2.0 product for innovative and promising projects, Coinstore aims to facilitate the development of blockchain projects, thus listing tokens which will maximize users’ profits.

In addition, Manfred announced the brand ambassador recruitment program to spread the brand with famous crypto industry KOLs. Cooperation with KOL has always been an important strategy in Coinstore’s development. Before, Coinstore has been working with over 400 KOLs to launch live streams including Coinstore X Space and CS Live. Coinstore livestream has always been dedicated to spreading Coinstore’s image –  the first choice for the initial launch.

Crypto industry is ready for the next prosperity

In the afternoon session of the conference, speakers discussed the development of Real World Assets(RWA) in the panel.First and foremost, RWA can bring more real asset backing to the crypto market, thereby increasing investor confidence and market value. Second, RWA can bring higher liquidity and lower transaction costs to traditional financial markets, as well as provide more investment opportunities. The digitization of RWA could provide a wider range of asset types and expand the reach of DeFi in particular. Furthermore, RWA can enhance the transparency and security of assets by reducing fraud and risks through digital management and trading. The potential of RWA will continue to grow alongside the evolution and adoption of blockchain technology.

Depin has become a hot sector in recent months.Chloe Phung, the Co-Founder of U2U Network talked about the current barrier of the development of Depin.Especially the latency issue and low TPS.While with U2U’s subnet,Depin will have more choices.

Last, the partner of famous capital IVC, Ann Chen expressed they are very optimistic about DID, gaming and infrastructure sectors. Decentralization is very important for these information based Dapps. IVC will keep investing in them.

Beyond a trading platform

Coinstore is not only a commercial company, but also hopes to have a profound impact on the industry and society.In the process, Coinstore firmly believes that blockchain technology will create a fairer world, and is committed to providing better tools for the society so that they can master the power of Web3.

Therefore,Coinstore actively published Cryptalk and CS Connect events.To date, Coinstore held more than 30 Cryptalk, nearly 40 CS Connect and 22 Expo conferences. The events build bridges between inside and outside the industry. It attracted active participation around the world and received a warm welcome.

The brand conference is a new starting point for Coinstore.To become a bridge between the industry and outside the industry, Coinstore will hold more offline events in the future to bring impressive insights.

About Coinstore

As one of the leading global platform for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, Coinstore seeks to build an ecosystem that grants everyone access to digital assets and blockchain technology. With over 7 million users worldwide, Coinstore aims to become the preferred cryptocurrency trading platform and digital service provider worldwide.

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