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Anticipation is reaching a fever pitch in the cryptocurrency community as the predicted approval date for Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) applications looms. Notably, Bloomberg’s ETF expert, James Seyffart, has pinpointed a potential approval window from January 5th to January 10th, 2024. This timeframe has stirred excitement within the industry, as experts suggest it could mark a watershed moment for cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin ETF Approval on the Horizon

According to James Seyffart, renowned for his insights into exchange-traded funds, the Bitcoin ETF approval is anticipated to occur on January 8th, 9th, or 10th. Another ETF expert, Eric Balchunas, supports this prediction and estimates a minimal chance—10% or less—that the approval might fall outside this critical window. The significance of this timeframe extends beyond mere anticipation, as it holds potential implications for both the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and aspiring ETF applicants.

Potential Shift in SEC’s Stance

Failure to approve the ETF within the predicted timeframe could signal a notable shift in the SEC’s stance on cryptocurrency-related financial products. In this scenario, industry observers speculate that SEC Chairman Gary Gensler and the regulatory body may adopt a more assertive approach or express reservations about the market’s readiness for a spot Bitcoin ETF. Alternatively, it raises the possibility that ETF applicants, such as ARK Invest and 21Shares, might have voluntarily withdrawn their applications with assurances of future consideration.

Competing Issuers and Market Dynamics

This anticipated development highlights ETF issuers, particularly ARK Invest, and 21Shares, as they compete for investor attention and navigate the post-approval landscape. The outcome is expected to generate enthusiasm among mainstream investors curious about Bitcoin’s resurgence, especially following periods of doubt. The strategic timing aligns with the April halving event and the US presidential election, adding a layer of intrigue to the unfolding market dynamics.

SEC Meetings and Confidence Levels

Insider sources reveal that the SEC has engaged in extensive meetings with Bitcoin spot ETF issuers, indicating a high probability of approval with reported confidence levels as high as 99%. The SEC’s meticulous review thoroughly examines all applications, ensuring every detail is scrutinized, and all requirements are met. Meanwhile, Grayscale, a prominent cryptocurrency asset management firm, is actively exploring offering a conversion-based ETF contingent on a court decision.

Bitcoin’s Performance Amidst Approval Anticipation

Amid these developments, Bitcoin has reached a new yearly high, surpassing the $38,800 mark. The cryptocurrency’s consistent upward trajectory, positions it as the leading player in the market. With the $40,000 level on the horizon, a threshold not seen since April 2022, Bitcoin’s bullish momentum remains robust, with a 2.9% gain over the past 24 hours and a 1.7% increase over the last seven days.


As the ETF approval date approaches, all eyes are on Bitcoin’s price performance and market behavior during the year’s final stretch. The potential approval could reshape the cryptocurrency landscape, opening new opportunities and milestones for market participants. With Bitcoin’s current bullish momentum, the industry awaits the SEC’s decision with bated breath, anticipating a transformative moment that could mark a defining chapter in the history of digital assets.

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