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Coinbase, a prominent name in the cryptocurrency space, has unveiled its cryptocurrency lending platform in a strategic move to cater to institutional investors in the United States. This initiative addresses the void left by lending firms that faced turmoil during last year’s crypto industry crisis.

Institutional-Focused Lending

The newly launch lending service by Coinbase is explicitly designed for institutions, allowing them to lend out digital assets under standardize terms. An interesting aspect is that it is structured to meet the criteria for a Regulation D exemption. However, this exemption streamlines capital raising without necessitating complete registration with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), offering a regulatory advantage.

According to a regulatory filing signed by Coinbase’s CFO, Alesia Haas, Coinbase’s Prime service users have already invested a substantial $57 million into this innovative lending program.

Strategic Significance of Crypto Lending Services

Crypto exchanges have increasingly incorporated lending services into their portfolios for several strategic reasons. First and foremost, these services open up additional revenue streams beyond transaction fees, boosting profitability. Additionally, they enhance customer retention by providing a more comprehensive range of financial solutions within a single platform.

This move by Coinbase follows a legal tussle with the SEC, which accused the exchange of functioning as an unregistered exchange and failing to register its crypto asset staking service. The SEC argued that Coinbase’s lack of registration deprived investors of crucial protections, including SEC oversight, mandatory record-keeping, and mechanisms to mitigate conflicts of interest.

Despite these ongoing legal challenges, Coinbase recently received permission from the National Futures Association to offer eligible U.S. clients direct access to crypto futures through its platforms.

It’s worth noting that Coinbase decided to phase out its previous lending service, Coinbase Borrow, citing low user engagement. The Borrow service had allowed individual users to leverage up to 40% of their Bitcoin holdings to secure fiat loans of up to $1 million, with an 8.7% annual interest rate. Existing loan holders were also inform that they must clear all outstanding balances by November 20.

In the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrencies, Coinbase’s latest move underscores its commitment to serving institutional investors. Therefore, it will extend its range of services to meet the evolving demands of the market.

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