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In recent years, cryptocurrency has experienced a meteoric rise in popularity and influence, with millions of Americans embracing digital assets for various purposes. However, it seems that the nation’s political leaders in Washington, D.C., are not fully grasping the potential of the crypto community’s voting power in upcoming elections. Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong has expressed his beliefs about the impact of cryptocurrency in American politics, shedding light on a critical aspect that deserves more attention. As we draw nearer to the 2024 elections, it becomes increasingly clear that the crypto community’s influence will have a substantial impact on shaping the course of the nation’s destiny.

The Crypto Voting Bloc

Brian Armstrong highlights that approximately 56 million people in the United States have interacted with cryptocurrencies somehow. However, to put this into perspective, this number surpasses the states’ population and is five times the number of electric vehicle users. More importantly, these individuals are voters, representing a substantial portion of the electorate. This burgeoning crypto community can potentially wield considerable influence, and their demands and concerns should not be underestimated.

2024: A Pivotal Election for Crypto

As Armstrong rightly predicts, the 2024 elections will likely see the crypto community hold candidates accountable for their positions on cryptocurrency-related issues. Presidential candidates are already addressing these topics on the campaign trail, with Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis vowing to ban central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) if elected. Similarly, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has expressed scepticism about the digital dollar, citing privacy concerns. While both candidates have adopted a crypto-friendly campaign strategy, their positions underscore the growing significance of the crypto vote.

A CBDC-Friendly White House?

As per a report by crypto asset manager Grayscale, the frontrunners in the 2024 presidential race, Joe Biden and Donald Trump, have indicated their support for delving into the possibilities of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). Further, this suggests that regardless of the election’s outcome, the White House will likely be home to a CBDC supporter. Such a development could have far-reaching implications for the cryptocurrency industry, further emphasizing the importance of the crypto vote.

The Regulatory Landscape

Coinbase, a major player in the cryptocurrency space, has been actively lobbying in Washington, D.C., for a clear regulatory framework. As a result, Congress has initiated discussions on bipartisan bills to establish comprehensive rules for crypto firms and users nationwide. However, Brian Armstrong reminds us that legislative action is not the only avenue for change. He underscores the prospect of a new leader assuming the role of chair at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in 2024. This development could introduce a novel outlook on the regulation of cryptocurrencies.


The power of the crypto-voting community in the United States is a force that political leaders in Washington, D.C., should not underestimate. Further, as we approach the pivotal 2024 elections, candidates must recognize the significance of this voting bloc and formulate clear positions on cryptocurrency-related issues. As a result, the crypto community’s concerns about regulations, privacy, and innovation deserve serious consideration in the nation’s political discourse. The 2024 elections can potentially shape the future of cryptocurrency in America, making it crucial for politicians and voters to understand and harness the power of crypto voting.

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