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In a groundbreaking move, MetaMask, a renowned Ethereum-focused platform, has unlocked new possibilities through MetaMask Snaps, allowing it to integrate with other layer-1 blockchains for the first time. Crafted by independent developers and rigorously audited by Consensys, these pioneering MetaMask Snaps are poised to transform how users engage with decentralized applications (dApps) and oversee their digital assets.

A Leap Beyond Ethereum

Traditionally designed for the Ethereum network and Ethereum virtual machine chains, MetaMask has taken a significant step by embracing interoperability with various layer-1 blockchains through Snaps. Among the supported blockchains are Bitcoin, Solana, Cosmos, StarkNet, and more, marking a pivotal moment in MetaMask’s evolution.

Empowering Users with Notifications

One of the standout features of MetaMask Snaps is their ability to enable notifications for decentralized applications. Unlike the generic pop-ups commonly associated with wallet interactions, these notifications are tailored to the specific Snaps that users have installed. While available exclusively in the MetaMask browser extension, this feature promises to enhance the user experience by providing timely updates without needing email addresses or phone numbers.

Christian Montoya, the senior product owner of MetaMask Snaps, emphasizes the user’s control over notifications, stating, “It’s because you deploy the snap, and you control it.” Developers can offer this feature to users, ensuring they receive notifications directly from their preferred apps, aggregators, or protocols. However, Montoya acknowledges that configuring notifications after installation may present a learning curve for new users.

Enhanced Security with Transaction Insights

MetaMask Snaps introduce transaction insights to bolster security and protect users from potential risks. These insights can alert users if they are about to engage with a malicious smart contract or are vulnerable to a phishing scam, offering an additional layer of protection against common pitfalls in the crypto space. Montoya explains, “It’ll warn you if you’re about to make a mistake.”

Endless Possibilities

Beyond notifications and transaction insights, MetaMask Snaps open the door to a world of customization possibilities. Users can look forward to encrypted device storage and tailoring their wallet experience to their preferences, enhancing their overall crypto journey.

The Road Ahead

As the MetaMask Snaps ecosystem continues to evolve, there are plans to make the platform more permissionless. However, at present, Consensys, MetaMask’s parent company, maintains a strict allowlist for Snap publication, requiring their approval. Further, Montoya assures users that this won’t be a permanent setup. Also, he envisions a future where smart contracts and community members play a role in vetting and approving Snaps, fostering a decentralized approach.

Montoya said, “We’re at the early stages of this. We want users to try Snaps, give us feedback, and help us design these types of systems in the future that will enable everything to be fully decentralized.”


MetaMask’s integration with other layer-1 blockchains and the introduction of MetaMask Snaps signifies a momentous shift in digital wallets. Further, with enhance notifications, improved security, and a vision for decentralization, MetaMask is poise to become a versatile and user-centric platform that caters to the evolving needs of the crypto community. Also, users explore the endless possibilities of MetaMask Snaps, the world of decentralized finance may never be the same again.

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