Miss Universe Coin Project

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In a recent turn of events, the Miss Universe Organization has vehemently denied any association with the Miss Universe Coin project, which garnered attention during the Philippine Blockchain Week (PBW) event. The organization has taken decisive action to distance itself from the project, labeling it as fraudulent and announcing its intent to pursue legal recourse.

PBW’s Bold Announcement

At the PBW event held earlier this month, a project named Miss Universe Coin was unveiled with great fanfare. Donald Lim, the founder of the organization overseeing PBW, made a striking declaration during the event, stating that they would “launch the Miss Universe Coin.” This announcement reverberated within both the cryptocurrency and beauty pageant communities.

Miss Universe Organization’s Swift Response

However, in a surprising twist, the official Miss Universe Organization has publicly disavowed any ties to the coin project. They have certainly clarified that they are not in any way connected to the Miss Universe Coin, asserting that it is fraudulent. Furthermore, they have taken the matter seriously and expressed their intention to explore legal options in response to this infringement.

Official Announcement on Social Media

On September 22nd, the Miss Universe Organization made its official stance known via its Facebook page. In collaboration with JKN Global Group, the company responsible for the Miss Universe pageant, they issued a resounding statement that left no room for ambiguity. They stated, “There is currently no Miss Universe cryptocurrency or blockchain offering, and these products are in no way involved with the voting or selection process for Miss Universe or the Miss Universe Philippines pageants.”

Warning of Potential Fraudulent Promotion

Wary of potential attempts to promote the Miss Universe Coin project in the future, a representative from the Miss Universe Organization reached out to Cointelegraph. They voiced suspicions that the project might be showcased at upcoming blockchain conferences in Dubai and Singapore. To the crypto community and media outlets covering such events, they issued a cautionary message: “If you see it there, please do not cover it; it’s a fraud.”

PBW’s Ongoing Involvement

As the situation unfolds, the Philippine Blockchain Week (PBW) has taken proactive steps to address the matter. They released a statement on social media, assuring concerned parties that they are actively engaged in communication with all relevant stakeholders. PBW has pledged to provide a comprehensive update on the situation in due course.

The unfolding drama related to the Miss Universe Coin project serves as a stark reminder of the essential need for carefulness and watchfulness within the cryptocurrency realm. While innovation abounds in this space, it is also a fertile ground for fraudulent schemes. As this situation continues to evolve, both the cryptocurrency and beauty pageant communities remain vigilant for further developments and revelations.

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