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Adidas Originals and BAPE, two prominent apparel brands, have introduced an exclusive collaboration, unveiling the Triple-White Forum 84 BAPE Low sneakers. These limited-edition sneakers will not only be auctioned off but will also come with a unique twist – a “digital twin” NFT version that holds the potential to be utilized within the metaverse.

The auction, facilitated by the Adidas /// Studio (Three Stripes Studio), revolves around redeemable NFTs on the Adidas Collect platform. While Adidas has ventured into NFT initiatives before, this marks the first instance where an auction format is employed for an NFT-centric release.

A total of 100 Ethereum NFTs will be made available, each of which can be exchanged for one of the corresponding 100 pairs of sneakers. The sneakers showcase BAPE’s signature shooting star motif on the lateral upper and the distinctive “A Bathing Ape” logo embossed in metallic silver foil. Departing from previous camouflage designs, these sneakers come in a pristine white colorway, woven into a narrative concept that revolves around a “pristine laundrette situated in the heart of a mysterious desert.”

Each pair of sneakers is equipped with an NFC chip embedded in the left tongue. When scanned with a smartphone, this chip grants the owner access to the NFT-based certificate of authenticity.

Upon redeeming the NFT access pass for the physical sneakers, owners will also obtain a complementary Ethereum NFT for a “digital twin.” This digital twin can be used in conjunction with Adidas’ ALTS avatar project, suggesting that the sneakers can be worn within the metaverse. Adidas had previously hinted that holders of its 19,500 tokens could exchange them for functional avatars.

Auction details are as follows: The Adidas Originals x BAPE “Fresh Forum” access pass NFT auction will kick off on August 22 and extend for 72 hours, concluding on August 25. Those in possession of Adidas’ 2,298 ALT[er] Ego “Soles,” a specific sneaker trait, along with members of the BAPE: (B)APETAVERSE community, will receive a complimentary 10% premium added to their bidding amount, affording them a competitive edge.

Bids will be categorized by shoe size, allowing one active bid per size at a time, although potential buyers can place multiple bids. According to Adidas, bidding will initiate at 0.3 ETH (equivalent to around $550 currently), with no upper limit on bids.

The 100 winners of the Adidas Originals x BAPE NFT auction will be able to redeem their tokens to acquire the physical sneakers and digital twin starting from September 26 via Adidas Collect. Shipping is slated to commence in October.

This launch constitutes the third phase of a collaborative project celebrating BAPE’s 30th anniversary. Previous releases earlier this year encompassed co-branded iterations of the Forum Low featuring a camo motif.

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