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Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are revolutionizing the financial world, leading businesses in this domain to actively seek the most favorable ecosystems for their growth and success. One destination that’s been making waves recently is the United Arab Emirates (UAE). At the Dubai FinTech Summit, experts and industry leaders discussed why the UAE’s crypto infrastructure is outshining the United States.

The Ideal Infrastructure for Crypto Businesses

Cryptocurrency entrepreneurs consider several critical factors when deciding where to set up a shop. These include regulatory frameworks, digital infrastructure, and the ability to attract top-notch talent. Saqr Ereiqat, co-founder of Crypto Oasis, emphasizes that the UAE excels in all these areas, making it an ideal destination for crypto businesses.

Comparing Regulatory Frameworks

One of the most significant factors setting the UAE apart is its approach to crypto regulation. While the UAE and the United States have pros and cons in the crypto space, Ereiqat argued that the UAE’s regulatory framework is more proactive, streamlined, and business-friendly.

He elaborated, “In contrast to the intricate and fragmented regulatory landscape in the U.S., the UAE’s regulatory framework is more streamlined and favorable for businesses.” Let’s delve into what this means for crypto businesses.

Access to Capital and Growing Interest

Funding is the lifeblood of any business, and the UAE offers a significant advantage. Capital availability in the region can be a game-changer for crypto startups, allowing them to pursue their projects ambitiously. Ereiqat also highlighted the region’s increasing interest in the crypto and Web3.

As per Ereiqat’s statement, the region currently boasts a thriving community of over 1,800 Web3 organizations, with more than 8,000 individuals actively engaged. This growing interest indicates a thriving ecosystem and substantial opportunities for crypto businesses to collaborate and expand.

A Closer Look at the Dubai FinTech Summit

The Dubai FinTech Summit was a focal point for discussing the UAE’s crypto-friendly environment. This event brought together stakeholders from the fintech industry, offering a platform for networking and knowledge-sharing. Prominent at the summit were leaders and projects within the crypto and Web3 sphere, emphasizing the increasing enthusiasm for and acceptance of these technologies in the region.

Leaders in the Industry Agree

Prominent figures in the crypto industry lent their voices to this discussion. Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong, during a fireside chat at the Dubai FinTech Summit, acknowledged that the United States might need to catch up regarding regulatory clarity. While he expressed excitement about the U.S. potentially becoming an international hub for Coinbase, he also recognized the challenges posed by the regulatory landscape.

Likewise, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse shared his frustrations with U.S. regulations during the event. He revealed that the company expected to spend a substantial $200 million defending itself against the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). These remarks highlight the mounting concerns and obstacles crypto businesses operating under U.S. regulations face.


The United Arab Emirates is becoming a preferred destination for crypto businesses seeking a supportive ecosystem. Choosing where to establish operations becomes increasingly crucial as the crypto industry evolves. The UAE’s proactive regulatory approach, access to capital, and growing interest in the sector position it as a compelling choice for crypto entrepreneurs. The crypto oasis in the UAE offers an enticing alternative to the challenges faced by businesses in the United States, further shaping the future of this transformative industry.

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