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The fusion of conventional payment cards with cryptocurrency exchanges has driven the surge in digital asset adoption. Visa’s Vice President and Head of Innovation and Design, Akshay Chopra, recently discussed the pivotal role that Visa cards have played in bridging the gap between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies during a conversation with Cointelegraph reporter Ezra Reguerra at the Blockchain Economy Dubai Summit.

Visa’s Strategic Approach

In a strategic move to tackle the challenge of making cryptocurrencies a viable means of everyday transactions, Visa embarked on a significant partnership initiative in 2021. This initiative involved collaborating with 75 major cryptocurrency exchanges, allowing them to issue Visa cards to their users. The result? A vast network of approximately 80 million Visa-affiliated merchants enables cryptocurrency enthusiasts to use their digital assets for payments seamlessly. Chopra revealed a remarkable figure, stating that this initiative facilitated an impressive $3 billion payment volume.

Expanding Possibilities in the Web3 Ecosystem

This achievement underscores just one of the many avenues traditional financial institutions can explore to integrate themselves into the ever-expanding Web3 ecosystem. Another area ripe for transformation and innovation through blockchain-based solutions is the settlement of payments between financial institutions. Chopra highlighted the limitations of existing systems like SWIFT, particularly their constrained availability hours. He pointed out that “there is a cut-off time where you simply cannot transact internationally.” This restriction has not only been a pain point but has also resulted in costly and inefficient transactions.

Pioneering Solutions

Visa has proactively addressed these challenges, including a successful pilot program with Circle using USD Coin (USDC). Moreover, this initiative enabled various cryptocurrency exchange partners to settle payments with USDC round the clock, presenting a more cost-effective and efficient alternative to traditional methods. Chopra explained, “It’s cheaper than traditional methods, it happens 24/7, and it’s innovative. You send the USDC balance, and Visa custodies the funds on the back end of the Ethereum blockchain.”

Navigating Regulatory Waters

While the potential of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency-based payments is immense, regulatory hurdles have posed a significant obstacle for mainstream financial institutions. Chopra expressed his belief in the value of proactive regulatory environments, as exemplified in jurisdictions like the United Arab Emirates (UAE). He emphasized that such environments have proven more advantageous than reactive regulations in some countries, notably the United States. When regulatory frameworks are developed with input from industry stakeholders, they can adapt to current needs and future possibilities, ensuring that regulations remain ahead of the curve.

Visa’s Vision for the Future

In a groundbreaking move that captured headlines in April 2023, Visa unveiled a crypto product roadmap to promote the adoption of stablecoins and public blockchain payments within mainstream financial institutions. Additionally, the company has committed to investing $100 million in exploring innovative AI-powered products and solutions, focusing on enhancing payments and commerce through Visa Ventures.


The integration of traditional payment cards with cryptocurrency exchanges has ushered in a new era of possibilities for the digital asset landscape. Visa’s strategic approach to partnering with cryptocurrency exchanges and exploring blockchain-based solutions for payment settlement reflects the company’s dedication to driving innovation and expanding the adoption of cryptocurrencies within the financial world. While regulatory challenges persist, the industry remains poised for further growth and transformation, making it an exciting space to watch in the coming years.

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